From startup to listed company

THU 10:30 - 11:00

This is a 2017 presentation

"I am hungry and I want food. Now." With this thought, a challenge was born in the Netherlands. saw the light of day in 2000. A few years later, at the end of 2007, CEO Jitse Groen found a companion in Siska De Lombaerde, who shared that same thought in Belgium. She became the first Belgian employee. Over the years, (until recently called "" in Belgium) grew from a small website to a full service platform under the wings of a still growing pan European company named Siska and her team of +50 employees introduced France, the BeLux and since last year also Portugal into the digital world of food ordering & deliveries from the Belgian headquarter in Brussels. The company's key to success? Understanding the satisfaction of enjoying a good meal and more... taking a lead in the non-stop search for easing the process between that hungry feeling and finding a delicious meal in front of you. It is no surprise won the prestigious BeCommerce Award for mobile application in 2014 and 2015. Driven by the philosophy "be where your customer is and make sure he or she is never hungry", the app colours many tens of thousands of smartphones orange. But how did it get there? How do you grow from a small startup into a listed company? Siska will tell you more about it during the Webshop Vakbeurs on the 4th of May.