Influencer media for e-commerce: engage and convert!

DON 11:15 - 11:45

Lezingenzaal 1


Everybody is talking about influence but how can e-retailers join the conversation. How to get started? On which channels? Which tools to use? This presentation gives you practical insights on how to use influencer advertising and why you should personalize your e-shop. In fact, we will address 3 key topics with regard to influence:

  • Influencer programmatic
  • Social selling
  • Webshop content personalisation

Attendees will come out with a better understanding on influencer marketing as well as concrete action points they can use in their e-business.

  • Thema
    Webshop Vakbeurs

    De Webshop Vakbeurs – hét e-commerce event van 2018 - komt voor de tweede keer naar België. De Webshop Vakbeurs richt zich op ondernemers die willen starten met een webshop, entrepreneurs die hun online kanaal willen optimaliseren en op gevestigde namen die naast fysieke verkoop de stap naar online verkoop willen maken.